Remodeling always sounds fun when you’re dreaming and imagining what the end result will look like. Yet some people put it off because they know that remodeling is a large undertaking that can quickly get out of hand.

Almost all remodeling involves the need for changes or updates to plumbing – whether you realize it or not. Relying on DIY videos, a handyman video or manuals for your plumbing projects often means important mistakes are highly probable. It’s critical that any plumbing changes or updates are handled by skilled tradespeople.

Even something as simple as changing out the style of a kitchen or bathroom sink usually involves changing the position and heights of pipes. If not done properly, this can cause drainage issues or sewer gas leaks.

Additionally, when you start making changes in an older home, you will be required to ensure that your plumbing is brought up to code in that space. Some renovation contractors may not be aware of plumbing dangers or codes which can lead to a red-tag situation.

It’s always best to call a professional plumbing contractor before any remodeling project.

Even if you’re planning on remodeling a room that doesn’t have visible plumbing fixtures, there are pipes and vents hidden in the walls.

Despite the best planning, tools, and resources, stuff happens. Surprises come up. A pipe or vent is in an unexpected place.

As professional plumbing contractors, we’re able to handle the unexpected…and we stand behind our work!

What value do you place on your health? Improperly installed plumbing can impact the health and comfort of your family. The entire team at CW’s Plumbing values your health and safety. Let us partner with you in your remodeling projects.

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