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Most of our lives center around the kitchen. Go into any home and you’ll find that, generally, people tend to gather there. So when something breaks or leaks, it’s a huge inconvenience. Not to mention leaking water can create havoc! A leaking garbage disposal may take days to discover. This leads to mold, mildew and damaged cabinets and floors. Additionally, improperly connected garbage disposal and dishwasher pipes lead to burst pipes.

Don’t waste any time, call us right away so you don’t have to be inconvenienced any longer than necessary – or before further damage occurs.

Hooking up an ice maker on your refrigerator may seem like an easy task. However, there’s more to connecting an ice maker than plugging something into the wall. Depending on your home, you may or may not have a water line in the proper place for your refrigerator. Additionally, the water connector kits that come with many refrigerators aren’t necessarily the best quality. Due to the potential for costly leaks it’s always better to call us to install or repair your ice maker lines. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did!

The most common defects with dishwashers that we find are improperly installed dishwasher lines and plastic hoses. We only use copper or braided lines to avoid bursting lines. Improper installations can result in sewer draining issues. Save yourself some headache and call us today.

Dealing with garbage disposal installations or replacements can be messy. (And if they get clogged or jammed, garbage disposals can become a kitchen plumbing repair nightmare!) Jams result from grease, fat, fibrous foods, and non-food items. Avoid the hassle of trying to install or repair the disposal on your own – which can lead to unwanted messes, future leaks and other plumbing issues. Talk to CW’s today and let us do the messy work for you!

Ongoing drips in your faucet can lead to water damage and water waste. You can save 5 gallons a DAY by repairing a single dripping faucet, which saves you money AND valuable natural resources for our community. Whether it’s a simple repair or a full replacement, our team can work with whatever style of faucet you have, including top-quality brands such as Delta and Moen.


All work is 1st Rate and free of short cuts!
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