“When a plunger just won’t do”

When the most important seat in the house is on the fritz, you have a household emergency. Every savvy home-owner wants to save a few bucks here and there, but when it comes to toilet issues, what can’t be handled by a plunger should be handled by the plumber! Mistakes in purchasing and installing a toilet or shoving items down the pipes to clear a clog can be hazardous and lead to bigger issues . Prevent sewer gas from seeping into your home, sewer line backups, or water waste by calling us today for a toilet installation or repair done right!

Underneath your bathtub and shower is a matrix of pipes attached to other pipes…that connect to more pipes! Navigating your way through a DIY install or repair can quickly get you in over your head. Installing a bathtub or shower requires a lot of planning and know-how with dozens of things that could go wrong. Leave the installation and repair work to us so you can enjoy your hot showers and bubble baths without worry.

So you finally bit the bullet and bought that fabulous modern new sink you’ve been dreaming of! Congratulations. Now that you have it home, you may discover that the sink sits too low or too high for the existing plumbing. Don’t worry. No need to return the sink. Give us a call and we’ll install that dream sink for you. We encourage you to purchase American brands such as Moen, Delta, and Kohler when you are looking at faucets.  This will save you a big headache in the long run.

Whether your bathroom plumbing needs include remodeling, repairs, or an isolated upgrade, call us, your hometown plumbers, and we’ll take your stress away!


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